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Rapids Requirements


  • Swimmers must be current Members of River Place Country Club in good standing. In 2019, we are allowing "Sponsored Guests" which cannot comprise more than 15% of the team. 
  • Swimmers ages 5 to 17 who are able to swim the length of the pool as of the FIRST day of practice are welcome on the Rapids Swim Team. Age groups include: 6 & unders, 7-8's, 9-10's, and 11 &up. Groups are based on a swimmers age as of May 1st. 
  • Fees include team t-shirt, logo swim cap, and team/individual memory mate in addition to meet registration, coaching, league fees, insurance, ribbons, trophies, 3 swim team parties and surprise goodies. Fees do not include swimsuits or other equipment.
  • Unfortunately, many of our expenses are due up front, so NO FEES WILL BE REFUNDED after May 10.
  • All on-line forms must be completed, including any credit card authorizations before practice starts. 


  • Parents are required to volunteer for a minimum of 4 meets during the swim season. Areas requiring volunteers are: Timers, Ready Bench, Ribbons, Stroke Judges and Age-Group Parents. Without this assistance, swim meets will not run efficiently. Your help is needed and appreciated!
  • The coaches retain the right to dismiss a swimmer who is uncooperative or not following club/safety rules. Swimmers must abide by all pool rules and conduct themselves in a courteous manner toward other swimmers and adults or run the risk of being removed according to the coaches’/Board’s discretion.
  • Swimmers must be able to swim one (1) length of the pool without stopping by the time they are entered into their first meet. Swimmers do not need to know all 4 strokes.


  • Swimmers must be on time to practice. Swimmers should be at practice at least 5 minutes before their age group start time to warm up.
  • Parents may attend practices, but are asked to stay off the pool deck, out of the pool and not to interfere with practice. Please save questions for the coaches until after practice. We ask that parents of 6 and unders help by attending practices. 
  • Siblings are not allowed in the pool including the deep end or the baby pool during swim meets or practices.
  • Occasionally, due to weather, practices may be called off in the middle of a practice. Please keep aware of weather changes if you are away from the club.

Swim Meets

  • Swimmers must have Cap, Goggles, and Team Swimsuit at meets. It is mandatory that all swimmers wear the same team swimsuit.
  • All children must have a guardian responsible for them at each meet, for the entire meet. Please find your child’s age group upon arriving at a meet. There is a sign for each age group with a parent group coordinator located at each sign. Please stay with your child until you hand them off.
  • Please instruct your child to remain with their age group parent at all times. There are only 3 places your child should be at a meet: 1) Bathroom 2) Swimming 3) At the designated age-group location.
  • All Age-Group Parent volunteers must stay in the location of their group at all times with the exception of bringing the swimmers to the ready bench.
  • If you need to leave a meet early, please notify the age group parent for your child’s age group and the coach or volunteer coordinator.
  • Some facilities have more than one pool. Swimmers and their siblings are not permitted in adjacent pools during meets for safety reasons. Only competing swimmers may be in the water during their respective races.
  • Please do not ask to change or remove your child from pre-assigned events during a swim meet. If a change must be made, this change must be approved and managed by the coach
  • The coaches will assess the skill level of each swimmer and decide where to place swimmers in relays.
  • If your child is participating in a relay, is it extremely important that you stay for the relay. Leaving early and not participating in your assigned relay will affect three other swimmers!
  • Parent / Coach Relays will be available this year, and sign up information will be available on the website.


The team website (riverplace.swimtopia.com) is our primary method of communication. Updates and last minute information will be sent via email or the text chain. Please make sure that we have the most current info in order to reach you.

Meet Entries

All meet entries are done online. You will receive an email request prior to each meet, which will instruct you on where to go to select events for your swimmer. Generally, meet entries close the Wednesday preceding a meet for Saturday meets, and the Tuesday preceding a meet for Friday meets.

Scratches (Cancelling a meet or race after registration closes)

If your swimmer cannot attend the meet after she/he has already been signed up, please contact your coach ASAP so that your swimmer can be scratched from their scheduled heat/relay.

Results / Ribbons

Most teams post results during the meet approximately one hour after the time the event completes. Ribbons will be available the Tuesday following each meet and will be in a file box made available at swim team practice. Each family will have a file with their name on it, where their children’s ribbons will be located. Heat winner ribbons are handed out real time during the meets.

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Our Swim League

Austin Hills Swim League

The River Place Rapids Swim Team is a member of the Austin Hills Swim League. You can visit the league website at: www.ahsl.swimtopia.com

Below are links to several league files that you may be interested in.

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League Forms and Files

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