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Meet Checklist

The Night Before

The night before a meet, have your child eat any type of meal with protein and carbohydrates (whole wheat pasta, bread, etc.)  Ensure they get plenty of rest and avoid caffeine. Do not eat a big meal immediately before a meet.  Please make sure your belongings are labeled.

What to Bring

  • Team swimsuit, Team T-shirt
  • Dry clothes, shoes
  • Two towels (one to dry off with, one to sit on)
  • Cap, Goggles
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent 
  • Cooler with nutritious snacks & water - fruit, fruit pops, juice, crackers, carrot sticks, popcorn, granola bars, etc.
  • Something to do between races - games, books, cards or paper and markers.  Anything that can be done in a relatively small space and will not bother others is fine

At The Meet

  • Arrive on time!  This will help ensure the meet gets started on time, and your kids don’t miss any races.
  • Sign in with Volunteer Coordinator as soon as you arrive.  You don’t want to be fined!
  • Check your child in (start of meet) and out (end of meet) with their Age Group Parent (AGP).  Stay with your child until they are checked in.
    • Review events your child will be swimming.
    • Tell them anything they should know about your child – allergies, hates wearing goggles, hat, etc.
    • Inform them if your child must leave the meet early.
  • Remind your swimmer:
    • Age Group Parents are in charge.
    • Swimmers must act respectfully.
    • Swimmers must stay in their age group area so the age group parents can keep track and line up the swimmers for events
    • Swimmers can only be in one of 3 places – swimming, in the age group area, or in the bathroom.
  • Only competing swimmers can be in the pool at any time.  Some facilities have more than one pool, which are off limits for safety reasons during the duration of the meet.
  • Clean up after yourselves - leave your age group area as clean as you found it!
  • HAVE FUN!!! 
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