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Volunteer Descriptions


Volunteers Are Critical to our Success!

We will compete against 7 of the 10 AHSL teams this summer.  During the meets it is vital that we have great parental support in all volunteer positions to insure the swim meets operate smoothly.   We require at least one adult per family to volunteer for a total of 4 meets.  Volunteers will check in with the volunteer coordinator this year to help us make sure all areas are covered.  Volunteer needs will increase when we start hosting meets, hopefully next season.

** Your child will not be allowed to swim until you sign up for your positions. **

** Please don’t make US tell them they can’t race. **

Volunteer sign-ups are available online for each meet, and are filled on a first-come basis.   Check with your volunteer coordinator for any questions.

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Meet Day Volunteer Coordinator - Skill: MEDIUM 1-2 Needed, Full Meet Commitment

Help our volunteers to make sure the meet runs smoothly for our team.

  • Pick up Age Group signs, clipboards, pens, timers, etc. from club prior to meet
  • Pick up printed Heat Sheets, Check in sheets for swimmers and volunteers from RPCC (or print at home)
  • Arrives 30 minutes prior to warm-up, before to any swimmers or volunteers arrive
  • Check in all volunteers for meet assignments
  • Assign floaters as necessary
  • Ensure 2nd half volunteers are in place
  • At end of meet, gather all materials and return to club

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Age Group Parents - Skill: EASY 18 Needed, Full Meet Commitment

Age Group Parents are critically important in ensuring the safety of our kids as well as the efficient operations of the meet.  These parents stay with the kids in the designated team area, line them up for their individual and relay events, make sure they get to the ready bench on time and are their cheerleaders throughout. 

  • Age Groups:
    • 6 & Under Girls (3 volunteers)
    • 6 & Under Boys (3 volunteers)
    • 7 & 8 Girls (3 volunteers)
    • 7 & 8 Boys (3 volunteers)
    • 9 & 10 Girls (2 volunteers)
    • 9 & 10 Boys (2 volunteers)
    • 11 & Up (2 volunteers)
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to when warm-up begins
  • Check in swimmers and verify that the kids know what events they are swimming
  • Mark swimmers with race information.  Races are marked with “Race # - Heat # - Lane # - Leg # (for relays).”  For Example, for a child swimming Event 23, Heat 2, Lane 4 would be 23-2-4.
  • Stay with your designated age group throughout the entire meet
  • Line up age group for each event and walk them to the ready bench
  • Help with relay team line-ups and inform the Relay Coordinator of “no shows” or “leave earlies” as early as possible
  • You should be able to watch your own children compete; however this may not always be possible if you have multiple children swimming
  • Stay at meet until all your swimmers are handed safely to their designated guardians. Make sure your area is clean.

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Ready Bench - Skill: Challenge 4 needed, 1/2 meet commitment, 2 each half

The Ready Bench is critical to a smooth and efficiently run swim meet.  This is the area where swimmers gather and are placed in their lanes for the various events they will be swimming. 

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the meet begins and stay until the meet ends
  • Place swimmers on the ready bench and assist with moving swimmers to chairs
  • You will be on the move the entire meet and require a calm, organized, fun personality.
  • Must be willing to ask parents and coaches to clear the area. (Loud voice a plus!)
  • Generally able to see your own kids swim
  • A great way to get to know the other kids on the team

Ready Bench Coordinator - Skill: EASY

  • Work with Age Groups parents to get kids lined up in order of event and heat

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Timers - Skill: EASY 10 Needed, Full Meet Commitment

Timers ensure that the meet runs smoothly in so many areas.  They check that the swimmers are in the right lane and heat, help record times for accurate record keeping, and serve as cheerleaders for the kids as well!

  • Arrive in seat 15 minutes before the meet begins and stay until it ends
  • Ensure swimmer matches the name on the heat sheet
  • Record times for swimmers throughout the entire meet
  • Short breaks are possible assuming we have substitute timers
  • May be hot if seated in sunny areas
  • A great job for watching your own kids swim

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Stroke Judges - Skill: MEDIUM 4 needed, 1/2 meet commitment, 2 each half

Stroke Judges are the “referees” of the swim meet.             

  • Must complete 1.5-2 hour stroke judge certification training provided by the League on one of the training dates

  • Great job for watching your kids swim and learning everything there is to know about swimming legally!
  • Some knowledge of swimming a bonus, although none is required
  • Meet with Head Stroke Judge at beginning of meet for instructions
  • Mark DQs as necessary and hand forms to Runners when they come around to collect
  • Stroke judges do not DQ swimmers, they just record it to ensure a fair swim competition.”
    - (From a league stroke judge trainer)

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Heat Winner Ribbons - Skill: EASY 2 Needed, 1/2 Meet Commitment

Distribute heat winner ribbons at meet. No heat winner ribbons are distributed during relays.

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Meet Ribbons / Medals - Skill: EASY 1 Needed, Full Meet Commitment

Ribbons can be labeled at or after a meet on their own time.  Ribbons must be labeled and available to swimmers at the Tuesday practice following a meet.

  • Create files for each swimmer or family in ribbon boxes for distribution
  • Maintain the ribbon boxes and ensuring they are not left at the pool overnight
  • Maintain team’s ribbon bin
  • At meets (or after) get printed labels (we provide blank labels to host) from the computer staff and place them on appropriate ribbons/medals
  • Place ribbons/medals in swimmer files

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Photographer - Skill: EASY 1 Needed, Full Meet Commitment

Take pictures of all our wonderful kiddos!

  • Take photos of children during meet  - while resting and hanging out, at ready bench, or while swimming.
  • Try to get photos of all children, if possible.
  • Upload photos to our photo site.
  • Update photos on swim team bulletin board on a weekly basis.

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Floaters - Skill: MEDIUM 2 Needed, Full Meet Commitment

Fills in as needed for any role / task.

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