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Meet Changes & Scratches

We strictly enforce an entry deadline for swim meets because it takes time and effort to coordinate between teams and build the actual meet. Even longer since most of us are volunteers!

With that said, if your plans change we like to know as soon as possible so we can update the meet files, coordinate with the age group parent, and make relays work.

Scratches - drop from the meet - can be processed any time after the meet is closed up until 30 minutes prior to the meet. If you signed up and you know your kiddo isn't swimming please let us know! Kids get sick, things come up, etc. It is easy to scratch someone from an individual event. Relays are not always easy or possible to change. If you are in doubt if your kiddo will make it, please opt-out of relays. It saves us all time and frustrated kids. Scratching a relay affects 3 other kids.

Deck Entries - add to the meet - In some cases, we can add kids to the meet that didn't sign up. If there is a free lane in the desired event. If the other team hasn't already taken it. If you are following the entry limits. If we have time to process the change without messing up the rest of the meet.  Please ask.  Our goal is to get every kid that wants to swim, to be able to swim.  It is just easier if everyone signs up by the deadline.

Event Results

The Computers Teams try to post a paper copy of event results at the meets shortly after each stroke concludes. These results are posted in a display case near the entrance to the pools.

Want your event results in real time? Download the Meet Mobile application for your smartphone and have the results as soon as they're entered into the computer system. To find our meet, simply search "Austin" and select the appropriate meet. Add your swimmers as favorites, and Meet Mobile notifies you when their times are posted. Be aware that we do not have WiFi at the AHSLPools, so you will need to use your 3G/cell connection to download data and may incur charges depending on your plan.

Starting in 2015, you will need to purchase a subscription to see Meet Mobile results. It is available on a monthly or annual basis. The swim team pays nothing to use meet mobile and gets none of the subscription money. Without paying for the subscription you will only be able to see event/heat/lane assignments.



Note: The official meet results will not be posted until shortly after the meet concludes. Official results may differ from results posted at the pool, or on Meet Mobile due to disqualifications. Meet Mobile is available on a best effort basis. If we have problems at the meet and are unable to publish the results for any reason, the posted results will always be available.

Seed Times & Special Meets

We have carried over seed (previous swim) times from 2018 and plan to use those times for the first few meets. Using seed times allows us to place swimmers of similar abilities in the same heat. This makes for a faster meet and encourages our swimmers to rise to the level of their competition.

There are three special meets in regard to seed times:

Intrasquad - The intrasquad meet is for practice and is unofficial. It is for us to remember how to run a swim meet again for the new season. It is unofficial because there isn't another team to witness that we followed all the proper processes.

Medal Meet - The medal meet is one of the most fun for the swimmers. Instead of ribbons they get medals to reward their progress. The most important rule to understand for this meet is that a swimmer MUST have an existing time in an event to swim in that event at the medal meet. The time MUST come from a CURRENT YEAR sanctioned meet (not the intrasquad meet). If your swimmer is planning on trying all the stokes this year, they need to do so BEFORE this meet.

All Star Invitational - The All Star Invitational is hosted at the Westwood pool and is for invited swimmers only. To be invited, your swimmer needs to swim a qualified time for at least one stroke. For example, a 6 & Under Girl swimmer needs to swim a time of 24.32 in the 25 yard freestyle in order to qualify for that event. You will see "AS19" next to qualifying swimmers' times on all the meet result printouts. For the relays, the coaches will select the fastest swimmers available. More information about this meet is available on the Schedule > Swim Meets page.

Why are times different between meets?

If you have ever noticed that the seed times are different on the meet program or results at different meets, here is why! The system we use automatically converts swimmers' times between the various pool lengths. In swimming there are 3 courses depending on the pool length:

SCM - Short Course Meters (25 Meter pool)

SCY - Short Course Yards (25 Yard pool)

LCM - Long Course Meters (50 Meter pool)

The River Place CC pool is SCM, or 25 Meters. Many of the away pools are SCY (see list on the league website), which will appear to have faster times because of the shorter length pool. In many cases, you will see a * next to a time that has been automatically converted.

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