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Marking Swimmers

What is arm marking?

The age group parents in your swimmers designated seating area marks your swimmer to reflect which event, heat and lane they are racing. This is used to help remind the swimmer of their events and age group tent or ready bench volunteers.

We do this at the meet as things can can change up until the an hour before the meet starts. We mark the arm or back as illustrated below in the picture in the order of Event/Heat/Lane.

We have to write on clean dry skin with no sunscreen. We also write your child's full name on their upper back.


Stroke Order of Individual Medley (IM) vs Medley Relay (team)

- IM = Individual Medley (Order of Strokes Fly, Back, Breast, Free)
- Medley Relay (Each swimmer swims a different stroke: 1st = back, 2nd=breast, 3rd=fly, 4th=free)

Relay Marking

This will designate the relay leg the child is swimming. There are 2 types of relays Free and Medley.
- Free relay everyone swims freestyle.
- Medley Relay- each swimmer swims a different stroke: 1st = back, 2nd=breast, 3rd=fly, 4th=free)

For Relays the marking in the lane column is: Lane Number / Relay Position
- 1/1 = Lane 1 / 1st relay position
- 4/2 = Lane 4 / 2nd relay position

Because we swim 25 yards for each leg the relay position tells us both what side of the pool your child needs to be on and what stroke they are swimming

**In the Free Relay they all swim free but it tells us what side of the pool to send them to:
Positions 1 and 3 start from the Timers side of the pool
Positions 2 and 4 start from the Non-Timers side of the pool

**In the Medley Relay Positions
1 = Backstroke - Timers side
2 = Breaststroke - Non-Timers Side
3 = Butterfly - Timers side
4 = Freestlye - Non-Timers Side

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